How to mute and filter your BSKY Following Timeline on specific words

On BSKY, interesting people sometimes post content you don’t want to see. For example, politics, Twitter, cats or their wonderful children (🙋‍♂️ guilty).

On Twitter, you can easily filter your timeline by certain words. On BSKY, not yet.

I found a way to filter your timeline

Learn how to mute and filter certain words in your Follwing timeline in this guide.

In short:

  • Add all accounts you follow to a Mute list
  • Create a feed with Sky Feed
  • Add the feed to your feeds in BSKY.

Need more help? Read the guide!

1. Create a Mute List

Go to Moderation > Mute Lists > New Mute List

Give your list a name at List Name and write what it’s about at Description (optional). Click Save.

All accounts you follow need to be added to this Mute list. To still see the posts, go to Mute lists, click on your list and click Unsubscribe.

2. Add accounts to your list

Go to Profile > Following and click one by one on the accounts you follow.

On the profile page, click on the 3 small dots > Add to lists, select your list and click Save Changes.

3. Create a Feed in Skyfeed

Go to Settings > App passwords and click Add App Password.

Name the App Password and click on Create App Password.

Click on Copy password.

Go to Skyfeed and login using your username or email address and the App Password.

Click on Feed Builder and click Create Feed.

Name your feed in the field Feed Name.

In the Input block you choose List followed by Your List to select the list with accounts you follow.

Type your mute words in the RegEx field seperated by the | symbol.

Select de opties Post Text, Image Alt Text en Link next to Target. And select Invert.

Delete the block Remove. And click Publish Feed.

Fill in what your feed is about in the Description field.

Select the licence that suits you at License and click on Publish.

4. Use your feed in BSKY

Go to your profile on BSKY and click on Feeds.

Click the plus next to your new feed.

Go to My Feeds and click the gear icon. The click on the pin next to your new feed.

Click on Home and click your new feed next to Following.

Got questions, additions, improvements?

Drop me a note on BSKY


Is this method reliable to mute post that contain certain words?

Yes, it is. It filters out the post with the specified words. Although sometimes, when the BSKY servers are handling much traffic, the filtered list times out.

Is there an easier way to filter posts with mute words?

Well… no. At least, I haven’t found a more simple altarnative. If you do, please, let me know.